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Top 6 Search Engines That Respect Your Privacy

Top 6 Search Engines That Respect Your Privacy

When it comes to search engines, you have to choose wisely because of all the advancements, these search engines are constantly picking up your data. You need to find a safe search engine. One that will respect your privacy and also protect your data at the same time. 

Let’s look at the top safe search engine that can surely protect you:


German open-source best private search engine is MetaGer. It uses Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, and its own web crawler for searches. The 1996 project began. SUMA-EV, a German non-profit, operates it today (Association for Free Access to Knowledge).

MetaGer keeps some logs on their own servers for stability and security, but they’re wiped after 96 hours. MetaGer operates by user donations and Bing advertisements. Top search results have advertising. MetaGer members can search ad-free. (MetaGer says they couldn’t continue without memberships and donations.)

MetaGer’s servers are in Germany, a privacy-friendly country with rigorous data protection legislation. Open-source service. MetaGer has a Tor.onion site.


French search engine Qwant. Being in Europe, it must follow tougher data privacy laws than in the U.S. and other countries. Qwant guarantees no tracking and no filter bubbles. Qwant receives its search results from Microsoft’s Bing.

Qwant passes pseudonymous data to Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited when it can’t answer your questions. Microsoft search results include “contextual advertising based on keywords and location.”

Qwant features good search filtering. You can filter by category (web, news, social, pictures, videos, and commerce) and date. Qwant’s homepage features news, trending individuals, events, and more. Qwant serves 189 million monthly results, per their website.

Qwant is a private search engine with several privacy-protecting features. It is one of the best search engine for privacy and security. You can also use VeePN with it as a free download.


DDG is a popular private search engine. Since our last review, it’s become popular. Many individuals set DuckDuckGo as their default search engine when installing a new browser.

DuckDuckGo made two interesting statements in March 2022 after the Russia-Ukraine crisis and it is one of the best safe search engines out there.

Twitter will restrict and “down-rank” “disinformation”-related search results. According to reports, they’ll stop using Yandex. We won’t criticize DDG for “down-ranking” particular websites because we can see all sides and this site isn’t political. These measures are censorship, which DDG has criticized with other search engines.

DuckDuckGo gets money through ads and affiliate agreements. DuckDuckGo shows adverts at the top of searches, like Google. DDG’s affiliates include Amazon and eBay.


Ecosia is the only company on our list that gives a portion of its profits to charity and focuses solely on planting trees. It says it is a private search engine and is based in Germany. But some of the things it does make it unsuitable for our main list of truly private search engines.

One problem is that Ecosia records all search queries and then makes them anonymous after a week. One more thing is that they collect a lot of information about you through website analytics. This information includes your IP address, browser agent, location, and more. It is one of the best unfiltered search engines.

Also make sure you use a VPN and protect your online identity and your data at the same time. Before choosing one, check VPN review to make sure if it fits your needs. No matter what safe search engine you use, you need to always be careful when you are online.


Yandex is a Russian search engine that, like most Western search engines like Google and Bing, also censors results. But if you are looking for information and Western search engines aren’t helping, could be a way to find what you need. Please be careful!

Since Yandex is based in Russia, we need to say that it is required by law to censor search results. In fact, as we said in our guide to VPNs for Russia, the government has a lot of control over what can be seen and heard. The other side of censorship is this.

We have also said before that with all the censorship going on in Russia, the need to unblock websites is growing. In fact, Russia has been actively blocking websites since 2012. They now block major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as international news sites like the BBC.

It is still a very safe search engine.

Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt is a search engine that keeps your search terms and history private. It works like any other search engine. Just type in your search term and press enter, and we’ll give you secure search results.

Search Encrypt is on our website and can be added to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a browser extension. Our main goal is to give you good, useful search results without the biases and filter bubbles that other search engines have. It is one of the best private search engines.

Wrapping Up

These are some sure fire alternatives for Google Chrome and this shows you that it isn’t the only option for a safe search engine. There are many out there and they can help you search for things without compromising on your privacy.