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Tips for Becoming a Famous Musician on Instagram

Tips for Becoming a Famous Musician on Instagram

Are you a musician? Did you know that YouTube isn’t the only platform where you can showcase your talent? Instagram is another platform you can leverage to get more fans and interact with the existing ones.

After all, Instagram has evolved over the years. It started out as a simple picture-sharing service, but today it has transformed into a serious tool for audience building and social media marketing.

Of course, you need to start producing your music before you can promote it on Instagram. You can use Mac because it has several music production software for Mac, such as GarageBand, Ableton Live 10, n-Track Studio, and more. These tools have powerful built-in features to record songs and upload complete tracks to different platforms.

This article offers actionable and effective tips so you can make it big on Instagram and become a well-known musician.

Ensure Your Instagram Profile Is Setup Properly

It is important to properly set up your profile so that people stumbling on your profile know what to expect and decide whether they must follow you or not. Your profile must make an impact within ten seconds or less.

Take care of the following things:

  • Set the right display picture that instantly connects with people. Do not use logos. Try using your band picture or your picture with a guitar or other musical instrument that you play. The picture must define who you are and match your music.
  • The next step is to write a killer bio that will inform people about who you are. The bio can act as a call to action so people are tempted to follow you.
  • You can use the highlights section as a trailer for your Instagram page. Here, you can tell your story to the people, and remember to be concise in your message. The highlighted sections must have a purpose. It can offer information about you, your collaborations, or your music.

Use Stories

One of the best ways to promote your music on Instagram is by using the Stories feature. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to stay relevant to your followers and fans.

The Stories feature can be used to promote your music or give your fans a glimpse of your daily life. You must post content that your audience will find interesting. If you can get people excited about your Stories, they keep coming back for more.

Use Short Form Video Content and Reels

Instagram’s ability for organic reach is one of the many reasons why artists love this platform. Musicians find it extremely hard to get visibility on Facebook, but you can have a thriving career if you promote your music on Instagram.

On Instagram, you can utilize the Reels and other short-form video content features of the platform. They can be part of your music promotion efforts. Since reels are short-bite entertainment, people love scrolling through Reels, and they can do so for several hours. If they discover your music and like it, they will share it with others, and you will become an overnight sensation.

Think About the Caption and the Right Hashtags

Music is only a part of the promotion. Although it must be better than the rest, you need to use witty captions to connect with your followers and meet new ones. Ensure the captions clearly explain what your music is about.

Captions are also an excellent way to showcase your personality and make your followers feel connected to you. Keep them informative and short. It is best not to use generic phrases because they are overused and don’t do much to captivate the followers. The objective is to stand out from the masses and make your mark.

Besides captions, you must also think of using hashtags that are relevant to your industry. Using the right hashtags will increase the likes, views, and shares of your posts. It is best to stick to generic hashtags because they can help you reach your audience.

Additionally, it is essential to be interactive and stay connected with your fans and followers. For musicians, it is critical to build a social network and make followers excited to see your Stories, Reels, and Instagram posts. You must interact with your audience and followers by replying to their comments on your posts. You can also engage in conversations via direct messaging and invite people to join you during live streams. It would help to tag people in your posts and also places.

Final Thoughts

With these tips, you can become a huge sensation on Instagram and kick-start your journey of becoming a famous musician. Of course, you can also post and upload your tracks across platforms like SoundCloud, Facebook, YouTube, etc. The more people discover your music, the more your fame will increase.