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Is Till Lindemann Still With His Wife? His Estimated Age and Net Worth 2023; Relationships & Movies

Is Till Lindemann Still With His Wife? His Estimated Age and Net Worth 2023; Relationships & Movies

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A German singer and songwriter, Till Lindemann is in the media limelight as the band, Rammstein’s lead vocalist and lyricist. Roadrunner Records even listed him as the 50 Greatest Metal Frontmen of All Time. His songs were even featured in David Lynch’s movie, Lost Highway in 1997. Lindemann collaborated with Richard Kruspe and sang, Schtiel.

Early Life of Till Lindemann

Till Lindemann was born on January 4, 1963, in Leipzig, Germany. As of now, he is 60 years old and was born under the sign of Capricorn. Lindemann cuts his birthday cake on the 4th of January. He was the daughter of Brigitte Hildegard Gitta Lindemann (mother) and Werner Lindemann (father).

Till with his father
Caption: Till with his father (Source: Pinterest)

His father was a poet while his mother was a journalist. His parent divorced in 1975 and was 6 when his father died due to cancer. Lindemann holds German citizenship and belongs to the German ethnicity. Lindemann is an atheist. He studied at SC Empor Rostock and joined a boarding school from 1977 to 1980.

Till Lindemann’s Relationships

He dated German actress, Sophia Thomalla in April 2011. They used to break up and patch up during their relationship and officially parted ways in November 2015. She gives the credit for her shaping to Till even though they shared a bitter relationship.

Till with his partner
Caption: Till with his partner (Source: MDR )

He had an affair with a Ukrainian composer and singer, Svetlana Loboda. They used to perform together and addressed themself as a friend but were actually in a relationship. He was also in a relationship with an actress, Leila Lowfire in 2017.

In 2000, he was in a relationship with Marina Drujko, a Russian model. They dated each other for a year and separated in 2001.

His Failed Marriages & Rumored Relationships

His first wife was Mareike Lindemann. They were married for a very short duration and they ended their marriage due to his alcohol addiction. In 1985, he was married to Anja Koesling in the presence of their intimate people only.

Till with his ex-partner
Caption: Till with his ex-partner (Source: married celeb)

Anja is his second wife and they stayed as a married couple until 1997 and officially divorced citing irreconcilable differences. Till was also rumored with Alycen Rowse.

Till Lindemann, Father of Three

He is a father of three daughters. He welcomed his first child Nele Lindemann, a singer with his first wife in 1985. His second child Marie Louise was born via Anje in 1993. His ex-partner, Svetlana gave birth to a daughter, Tilda Loboda in Cyprus.

Till with his daughter
Caption: Till with his daughter (Source: Pinterest)

Till Lindemann’s Net Worth & Earnings

Lindemann has an estimated net worth of $8 million which he earned through his professional career. $35.9k is the amount that he earned from his career. In 2009, he received $600k from his album, Liebe ist für alle da. He earned $90k from the album, Rosenrot, and Reise, Reise in 2005 and 2004 respectively.

Till spotted inside the car
Caption: Till spotted inside the car (Source: Pinterest)

Investigation into Allegations of Sexual Assault against Till Lindemann

Currently, he is in the middle of a European tour and was alleged of sexual assault and involvement in drug distribution on June 15, 2023. His lawyer has denied the allegation but the police have started their investigation. When he completed his Lithuanian capital concert, his fan Shelby Lynn alleged him for the charges and shared her part of the story via Instagram:

“She had been drugged and also encouraged to drink, along with other young women selected from among concertgoers, and then brought to Lindemann for sex. She declined Lindemann’s alleged advances but had no memory of later parts of the night and was ill and bruised the following day.”

She added:

“I was spiked at the concert, only had 2 drinks at pre party, showing pictures of large bruises on her body. I don’t know when this happened or how.”

Till Lindemann was diagnosed with Pneumonia

He suffered from an extremely high fever after completing his Moscow show. After rushing to hospital he was diagnosed with coronavirus and pneumonia. Due to this, his condition became extremely bad and was admitted to Intensive Care Unit. Then, his social media handler posed about his health recovery on social sites:

“Yesterday evening Till Lindemann was admitted to a hospital on the band’s doctor’s advice. He spent the night in intensive care but has been moved as he is feeling better. Till has tested negative for the coronavirus.”

Till Lindemann’s Professional Career

  • Till played drums after joining the rock band, First Arsch in 1986.
  • He released the song, Du riechst so gut in the format of a scented digipack on 24 August 1995.
  • After that, he released the album, Herzeleid which became sixth in German Media Control Charts.
  • Then, he authored a book with 54 poems titled, Messer in 2018.
  • He collaborated with Die Puhdys and sang, Wut will nicht sterben.
 Till on the frame
Caption: Till on the frame (Source: BBC )
  • He also sang Shtil with Richard Kruspe by naming it to Schtiel.
  • He even played in the music video for the song, Du nich.
  • He and his bandmate, Christoph Schneider appeared in the movie, Pola X in 1997.
  • Then, he played the role of Viktor comedy film, Amundsen der Pinguin, in 2003.
  • In 2004, he portrayed the role of an animal activist in the movie,  Vinzent.

Songs & Albums

His hist single are Sonne, Deutschland, Ich Will, Mutter, Du riechst so gut, Du Hast, Dicke Titten, Mann gegen Mann, Mein Land, Radio, Zeit, Zick Zack, Angst, and so on. He released albums like Skills in Pills, F & M, Till the End, Reise, Reise, Rosenrot, Liebe ist für alle da, Rammstein, and Zeit.

Movies & Poetry Books

He appeared in movies like XXX, Paris, frau mann, I Hate Kids, Lindemann: Praise Abort, Lindemann – Live in Moscow, and Lindemann: Fish On. He is a writer of poetry books like Messer [Knife], In stillen Nächten, and 100 Gedichte.

Awards & Nomination

  • He was successful in receiving the Platinum Award in 2005.
  • After selling 10 million copies globally, he and his band got the World Sales Awards.
  • In 2020, he was nominated at the Berlin Music Video Awards in the criteria of Best Narrative for Frau & Mann.
  • He earned the nomination of Most Bizarre for Alle Tage ist kein Sonntag in 2021.

FAQs of Till Lindemann

How does Till Lindemann light up his mouth?

He enlightens his mouth in between performances using a flesh-colored wire extending toward the cheek. He also lighten his mouth for shooting a music video titled, Ich tu dir weh.

How tall is Till Lindemann?

Till is 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 86kg. Till has hazel eyes and dark brown hair.

What happened to Till Lindemann’s Father?

His father left this Universe in 1993. After burying him, he has never visited his father’s grave.

Why does Till Lindemann hit his knee?

Till hit his knee because he had a cap in his knee. In between his performance, the lid popped out from its position, so he hit his knee with a hammer to fix it. He also hit it by rhyming with his headbang.

Why did Till Lindemann argue at the Bayerischer Hof luxury hotel?

He argued with a fellow guest at the hotel because Till called a guest named Lana a sex worker and would like to pay double the amount. So, Lana’s friend confronted him and Till started physically hitting him with his elbow and made broke his jaw and nose.

Does Till Lindemann have a Tattoo?

Yes, Lindemann has a tattoo. He has a piercing in his hand and he carved it from Engelhard Randy Heavenofcolors.

Was Till Lindemann a single father?

Yes, he was a single father. He raised his daughter, Nele singly. He became a grandfather when Nele gave birth to a son.

Is Till Lindemann a vegan?

Yes, he is a vegan and only eats a plant-based diet. He even became a part of a commercial for LikeMeat where he influenced other people to join veganism and has tasted many vegan products.