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The top 10 Most Powerful Country in the World 2018

The top 10 Most Powerful Country in the World 2018

Each country has different extraordinary qualities with all defense arsenal. Here is the list of top 10 most powerful country in the world 2018. The positioning is based on a leader, economic growth, politically influential, strong international alliances as well as strong military alliances.

1. United States

The United States is said to be the first most powerful country in the world. It is a North American nation which is the world’s most dominant economic and military power. The U.S. economy is the world’s largest in terms of GDP, and also the most technologically powerful.

The country possesses more than 7000 nuclear weapons, 13000 weaponized aircraft and spending over $600 billion a year on defense makes the United States, the most powerful countries in the world.

Budget: $611.2 billion             Active Military Personnel: 1,477, 896

Total tanks: 8, 848+                Total aircraft: 15,293

Total Naval Strength: 290      Aircraft carriers: 10

2. Russia

It is not easy to imagine the scale of Russia. It is the world’s largest country by land mass nearly two times as big as Canada. It shares land borders with more than 12 countries and shares sea borders with the United States and Japan.

Russia was the largest and leading republic of the Soviet Union, formed in 1922. It has one of the world’s largest economies which is powered by its comprehensive natural resources. Furthermore, it is the world’s largest exporters of military weapons, just a step behind the U.S.

Budget: $69.2 billion                  Active Military Personnel: 766,055
Total Tanks: 15,398                    Total Aircraft: 4,498
Total Naval Strength: 352          Aircraft Carriers: 1

3. China

China is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations. It has been ruled by the Communist party since 1949 when the nation was founded as the People’s Republic of China. China is the world’s most populous and is termed as the 2nd largest by land mass. It has been one of the world’s fastest-growing major economy since former leader Deng Xiaoping installed reforms in 1978.

Except for that, China is renowned as possessing nuclear weapons. It has been a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council since 1971. In terms of raw manpower, China is the largest military on the planet.

Budget: $215.7 billion                  Active Military Personnel: 2,335,000
Total Tanks: 9,150                        Total Aircraft: 5,048
Total Naval Strength: 714        Aircraft Carriers: 1

4. India

India has successfully evolved as a major military power in the last 2 decades. That’s not all, it has recently overtaken China as the fastest growing economy in the world so far. Although their equipment has lagged behind in the past, India has now access to almost the whole universe of military technology. Europe, Russia, and the United States all sell their military hardware to India.

Budget: $62 billion                           Active Military Personnel: 1,362,500
Total Tanks: 6,464                           Total Aircraft: 2,086
Total Naval Strength: 295            Aircraft Carriers: 2

5. France

British have always been telling that France is weak but the reality is the modern French military which is larger and capable than Britain. In terms of being highly trained, the French have power projection capabilities trailing to the United States.

Budget: $55.7 billion                        Active Military Personnel: 205,000
Total Tanks: 423                             Total Aircraft: 1,282
Total Naval Strength: 118            Aircraft Carriers: 4

6. United Kingdom

The British Military is said one of the most well funded and well-trained forces in the world. Their manpower may be comparatively low, but the strength is high with fine equipment at their disposal.

Budget: $48.3 billion                   Active frontline personnel: 146,980
Total Tanks: 407                          Total Aircraft: 879
Total Naval Strength: 76         Aircraft Carriers: 2

7. Japan

Believe it or not, Japan is one of the world’s most literate and technically advanced nations. Japan is called the nation with the 3rd largest economy in the world- it has widely bounced back from the manufacturing disruption provoked by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster. Needless to say, the country is one of the world’s largest producers of motor vehicles.

Military Budget: $40 billion           Active Military Personnel: 250,000

Reserve Personnel: 57,000          Total Tanks: 678

Total Aircraft: 163     Navy strength/ helicopter: 638

8. Germany

Germany is amongst the strongest economic forces in the world but the army’s condition seems to have degraded in the past few years. The nation does not have an aircraft carrier but has relatively few submarines that lowered its ranking. Germany possesses a highly skilled, affluent workforce.

Budget: $41.1 billion             Active Military Personnel: 180,000
Total Tanks: 408                   Total Aircraft: 676
Total Naval Strength: 81      Aircraft Carriers: 0

9. Italy

Italian force has become much better in the last few decades due to inventions in foreign lands that gave Italy real combat experience. Their aircraft careers, in addition to the nation’s relatively large submarine and attack helicopter fleets awfully boosted Italy’s ranking.

Budget: $27.9 billion                  Active Military Personnel: 320,000
Total Tanks: 586                          Total Aircraft: 785
Total Naval Strength: 179       Aircraft Carriers: 2

10. Turkey

Turkey’s military is forceful in numbers- more than France and the UK. However, their equipment and training are not as first-rate. But they are fully compatible and respectable with NATO. Additionally, the country can claim a soberly large tank fleet and numerous aircraft as well as attack helicopters.

Budget – $14.9 billion        Active Military Personnel – 425,500
Total Tanks – 3,778          Total Aircraft – 1,007
Naval Strength – 194         Aircraft Carriers – 0