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Who is the Bachata Band Aventura Romeo’s lead Vocalist Romeo Santos Wife? The Proud father with no Marriage and Wife?

Who is the Bachata Band Aventura Romeo’s lead Vocalist Romeo Santos Wife? The Proud father with no Marriage and Wife?

By profession, Anthony Santos aka Romeo Santos is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor. He has worked as the lead vocalist of the American bachata band ‘Aventura previously.

Similarly, he has released seven number one songs on the Hot Latin Songs chart in his 7 years of a solo career.

A Father of Two Kids, Romeo Santos Wife/Girlfriend?

Romeo Santos is the father of two kids but no insight into his wife. Romeo Santos may be married or engaged with his girlfriend who turned into his wife. According to different sources, he had a short-lived affair with Samantha Medina.

Romeo Santos signing song with his co-singer
Caption: Romeo Santos signing song with his co-singer (Photo: Instagram)

Similarly, there was a rumor that he married Samantha. But there is no proof. Nevertheless, he didn’t adopt any kids to be a father. Also, Romeo once revealed:-

“I enjoy being with my son and I love him, but at the moment I was so young, and the only thing that I could think of was the music career.”

His first son’s name is Alex Damian. In the year 2019 March, he again blessed with another child (son). Romeo continues to grow into a complete father figure to his two kids with or without the support of his wife or wife-like partner. Similarly, his music too continues to evolve.

Absence of Married Life Fuels Gay Rumors

Romeo Santos is secretive regarding his personal life. Assuming that fact it’s only natural that the detractors would label him a closeted gay. His so-called haters often failed to take notice of his past romances with women and kids. As he is not mentioned his relationship status in the media.

Romeo Santos signing song with his male co-singer
Caption: Romeo Santos signing song with his male co-singer (Photo: Instagram)

The absence of his married life fuels his gar rumors in the people. However, he is not gay despite not any information on his married life. He is the father of 2 kids so it is only rumored.

Who is Romeo Santos really Engaged to?

According to news reports, Romero Santos is engaged and may have left the single life behind. A report by “El Gordo y la Flaca” claims that he is engaged now. In the report, they showed a photo of the bachata singer and his longtime girlfriend but her name is missing.

The photo shared on Instagram has shown that Santos posing with his girlfriend and a young girl. The couple is enjoying their vacation in St. Barths since the new year began. Similarly, in the photo, his partner can be seen resting her hand on his chest. But his fans talking was the large diamond ring on her ring finger.

He is very private about his personal life still his relationship with the unknown woman pictured has been known for quite some time, reported People en Español. In an April interview with Billboard, he discussed how people particularly talking about his son Alex. Also, he revealed why he chose to pose for a People en Español cover with his son.

He said

“I wanted to show him, ‘I’m proud of you.’ I wanted my son to understand that I wasn’t hiding him. I was protecting him,”

Also, he spoke about keeping his love life private even refusing to speak up when rumors surfaced that he may be gay.

“I’ve been so private. That’s part of the reason they’ve said, ‘Is Romeo gay?’ No. I just don’t want to show you my girl — if I got a girl,” he added. “I’m not married. I want to sell music. That’s all I’m interested in selling.”