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What is Pinkydoll Estimated Age and Net Worth 2023? TikTok and NPC Trend Explained!

What is Pinkydoll Estimated Age and Net Worth 2023? TikTok and NPC Trend Explained!

Facts of Fedha Sinon

Full Name:Fedha Sinon
Birth Date:April 22, 1996
Age:28 years
Profession:Internet personality
Height: 5 feet 5 inches (1.65m)
Net Worth$100k
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
Birth PlaceQuebec
Twitter Fedha Sinon Twitter
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A Canadian live streamer and social media personality, Pinkydoll became the media spotlight from her NPC live stream. Her bizarre live stream along with the imitation of the video game characters made her popular on social media. She is also popular for receiving $7000 a day just for saying five catchphrases in her TikTok Livestream. 

Early Life of Pinkydoll

Pinkydoll was born Fedha Sinon on April 22, 1996, in Quebec, Canada. This makes Sinon 27 years old as of now. Pinkydoll loves to celebrate her birthday every April 22 with her friends and family. Fedha falls under the Taurus sun sign.

Pinkydoll holds Canadian nationality and belongs to the White ethnic background. She has faith and belief in the Christianity religion.

Pinkydoll’s Relationship; Mother of a Son

She is single. Pinky is focussing on her live-streaming career without involving in any sort of rumor or relationship. Pinky is a mother of a son. She has kept her son’s identity and her child’s father’s identity private as of now.

Pinkydoll posing on the frame
Caption: Pinkydoll posing on the frame (Source: The Daily Beast)

Pinkydoll’s Net Worth

Pinkydoll has a net worth of under $100k as of 2023 which she earned as an internet personality. She eventually earns $2,000 and $3,000 per stream and earns $300k per day as her salary.

Pinkydoll posing infront of the house
Caption: Pinkydoll posing in front of the house (Source: The Daily Beast)

NPC Trend Explained

TikTok live users are featuring a nonplayer video games character which is called NPC trend. It is only a game’s background character and the user act with behavior, repetitive and monotonous speech, limited lines, etc. People use this NPC trend after receiving a virtual gift from the broadcast. One of the popular NPC users is PinkyDoll as well. She says catchphrases like Ice cream so good and Yes, yes, yes! after receiving a virtual gift in her live streaming.

Pinkydoll Makes Money From Bizarre NPC Livestreams

Pinkydoll received $7000 a day for saying the five characters in non-playable characters in video games in NPC live streaming. She has dolled with long, straight hair and sits at her kitchen table saying the following catchphrase with a cheering expression and tone. Her catchphrase reads:

“Yes yes yes. Mmm, ice cream so good. Ooh, you got me feeling like a cowgirl. Gang gang. Mmm, ice cream so good. Yes yes yes.”

This catchphrase became a trend and due to this, she is popular as NPC streaming. She says these characters when she receives gifts from her thousands of viewers, who send over digital ice-cream cones, roses, doughnuts, and hearts, which pop up as cartoon graphics on the screen in TikTok live streaming. Pinky even revealed her mainstream success on Twitter saying:

“I was just scrolling TikTok and I just wanna say.. some of you bitches are literally psychotic. The video – and others liked it – soon racked up millions of views, and the internet lost its mind. People struggled to figure out what exactly they were watching, but still found themselves unable to resist its hypnotic pull.”

Twitter Reacts to Pinkydoll’s Age

Twitter users became shocked and furious when her real age was revealed. She used to claim she was only 19 but her real age is 27 years old. Some of the tweets made about her age are:

“that pinky doll tiktok girl getting on my nerves .. lying abt ur age to appease to p3d0s and get them to buy your OF .. no girl “


“that whole pinky doll discourse regarding her age has erupted into a discourse where other sw’ers are supporting the fact that she lied about her age with the justification of “we all do it!” sorry who is we ? no we don’t ? don’t categorise all of us bc of something weird YOU do”

Professional Career of Pinkydoll

  • She worked at CBJ Casting as a fashion model.
  • Previously, she used to work as a stripper and used to earn money by cleaning business until attending her stepfather’s funeral in Seychelles.
  • Then, she started her TikTok career by joining live streaming under the name Pinkydoll.
  • She did a phenomenon on TikTok to react to tips sent to them as cartoon “gifts” with repetitive, mechanical movements and phrases in January 2023.
Pinkydoll posing a picture
Caption: Pinkydoll posing a picture (Source: The US Sun)
  • Pinkydoll often comes live either by popping popcorn with a hair straightener along by adopting her personal NPCs from the video game series Grand Theft Auto
  • Her honey-like smooth voice and star quality became a sexiness and smooth combination became a trending fetish content.

FAQs of Pinkydoll

What is Pinkydoll’s Height?

Pinkydoll stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches tall.  She has brown eyes and blonde hair.

Is Pinkydoll on OnlyFans?

Yes, she is on Onlyfans. She is earning a huge sum of money from her appearance in Only Fans which she revealed in an interview with New York Times.

Why Pinkydoll is freaking out everyone?

Pinkydoll is freaking everyone out because of her soothing and pleasant video with bleached-blonde hair, vacant eyes, and poreless skin that glows with the help of multiple filters. She streams like a game character saying Ice cream, so good! in response to a balloon being popped and acting like a robot even though she is a human.

Why did Pinkydoll joined TikTok?

She joined TikTok because of her personal tragedy. Pinky became jobless after returning from Seychelles Island for her stepfather’s funeral and said she joined the streaming to feed her kid and pay her bills saying:

“I needed money to feed my kid and pay the bills. I had no job. I decided to put all my effort on TikTok to make money and I wasn’t expecting to go viral and make all that money. It was a shock.”

Did Pinkydoll lie about her age?

Yes, she lied about her real age. Pinky is trolled and slammed online for lying about her real age. Previously, she used to claim that she is only 19 but her birthdate which is on April 22, 1996, makes her 27 years old.

Are Pinkydoll and Keke Palmer close?

No, she is not close to Keke Palmer. Her NPC live stream grabbed the attention of Keke Palmer along with other celebrities.