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Biography & Other Facts of Dirk Nowitzki’s daughter Malaika Nowitzki

Biography & Other Facts of Dirk Nowitzki’s daughter Malaika Nowitzki

Facts of Malaika Nowitzki

Full Name: Malaika Nowitzki
Gender: Female
Country: United States
Horoscope: N/A
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlonde
FatherDrik Nowitzki
MotherJessica Olsson
SiblingsMorris Nowitzki, Max Nowitzki
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Well if you are a basketball fan, then you are familiar with Dirk Nowitzki who is a German retired professional basketball player. But in this article, we are going to talk about Dirk’s daughter Malaika Nowitzki. She just came into the limelight as a celebrity daughter.

What is the Age of Malaika Nowitzki?

Malaika was born in July 2013 in the United States of America. She is the elder child of her parents’ mother Jessica Olsson and father Drik Nowitzki. Having American nationality, Malaika is of mixed ethnicity.

Her father is a native of Germany and her mother is of Kenyan descent. Her siblings’ brother Max Nowitzki descent born in 2014. Then her 2nd siblings’ brother Morris Nowitzki was born in 2016. She along with her siblings living in a trilingual household. Their parents taught them to speak English, German, and Swedish. She is attending elementary school as of now.

Kept Away From Spotlight

Her parents kept Malika along with her sibling’s brothers away from the spotlight for the first few years of their lives. The family was pictured with their mom on a few of Nowitzki’s last games before his official retirement last April. She along with her brothers to be exposed to different cultures

“So they can grow up with an open mind,” Malaika’s mom said. “And through their experiences and our guidance, they will become their own individuals.”

Malaika Nowitzki with her parents and siblings
Caption: Malaika Nowitzki with her parents and siblings (Photo: Dallas Morning News)

Then her parents’ admits they’re not sure the little ones fully understand that the roaring and clapping was for their dad, as Malaika’s mom explained to the Dallas News:

“When they go to games and see their dad play, it’s exciting for a while. And then we need to get some popcorn to keep them busy. But Max, he can watch an entire game. He’s really into it.”

Her Parents Married Life & Racial Controversy

Her parents’ marriage became a hot topic due to the different races. Then the couple appeared together at the ESPYS award, which is an award ceremony for a sportsperson. A lot of interest when her father Nowitzki kissed her mother in front of the cameras after receiving an award at the event. Then fans took social media to express their shock at watching Maverick’s resident German with a woman of color.

Malaika Nowitzki's parents in their wedding dress
Caption: Malaika Nowitzki’s parents in their wedding dress (Photo: Preston Hollow Advocate)

Her parents s’ color has never been an issue. Her father Dirk raised growing up in Germany playing with kids of all races helped him look past every race misconception. Malaika’ father Drik said,

” Color or race for me never really mattered, and that’s also the beauty of sports,” he said. “You’re a team. Same with marriage. You’re a team and pulling on the same string. You try to make it work, and chemistry has got to be there. That is just the way I was raised.”

Malaika Nowitzki's parents' together posing for a photo
Caption: Malaika Nowitzki’s parents’ together posing for a photo (Photo: T-Online)

Her parents’ tied the wedding knot on the 20th of July 2012 after dating for more than 3 years. Malaika’s parents’ met each other in 2010, in Scotland when both of them were on a vacation. The couple held their wedding ceremony in Dirk’s home which is situated in Preston Hollow. Then they went on a honeymoon to the Caribbean. Finally, they became parents of 3 kids. The family of 5 often goes out for beautiful vacations.

Malaika Nowitzki Lavis Lifestyle; Father Net Worth in Millions

Malaika is just a little girl who is studying and enjoying her childhood. So there are no questions about her net worth. Her father Dirk Nowitzki has a net worth of $140 million dollars, as of 2022 making him the 13th richest NBA player on the list.

Malaika Nowitzki's father Dirk posing for a photo with car
Caption: Malaika Nowitzki’s father Dirk posing for a photo with the car (Photo: Car Reviews & News)

She along with her family lives in a house worth $8 million dollars in Billionaire’s Row in the Dallas neighborhood. Malaika’s mother is doing amazing in her career and making a good sum of money. Her father Drik earned around $23 million from the Mavericks in the year 2013. She is living a luxurious life out of her parents’ earnings.

FAQs of Malaika Nowitzki

Who is Malaika Nowitzki?

Dirk is a German retired professional basketball player.

Where was Malaika Nowitzki born?

Malaika was born in July 2013 in the United States of America.