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Lisa Boothe’s Mysterious Dating has been Disclosed; Who is her Boyfriend Currently?

Lisa Boothe’s Mysterious Dating has been Disclosed; Who is her Boyfriend Currently?

Lisa Boothe is famous as an American journalist as well as the contributor of Fox News Channel. She has built a successful career in the field of media. Furthermore, Boothe is also the founder and president of High Noon Strategies, with extensive experience in political communications.

Lisa Boothe’s Mysterious Dating has been Disclosed; Who is she Dating Currently?

Yes, it is true that Lisa has disclosed her mysterious relationship. The beautiful journalist had hidden her affair for a long time. However, her mysterious love life came into the limelight after she posted a picture of her on her official Facebook account, On the comments, there was something which cleared all confusions about her relationship. In a smiling picture, Lisa replied a comment stating,

“Love You, Mean It”

on the comment of John who posted a comment stating,

“Thanks for cropping me out!” 

Caption: Lisa Boothe publicly showing off her love life (Photo: Facebook)

It is true that she might be having a romantic relationship for a long time and now, her relationship is not a mystery anymore. Lisa might be in a relationship with a guy, John Bourbonia Cummins. She had been having a hidden affair with her boyfriend John for a long time.

Might they get Married soon?

Lisa Boothe hasn’t shared any other photos of her rumoured boyfriend yet. Well, she might be waiting for a perfect time to reveal her relationship to the public. On the other hand, she might have future plans of getting married and living happily with her rumoured boyfriend.

Caption: Lisa Boothe and her boyfriend, John Bourbonia Cummins

How much does Lisa Boothe make?

Lisa Boothe has collected a considerable amount of money from her professional journalism career. As of 2019, Lisa Boothe has an estimated net worth of around $10 million. She is one of the famous reporters of Fox and makes a salary of about $2 million per year. Currently, she is making money from her journalism and business career.

Furthermore, Lisa has also linked with high profile broadcasting companies such as CNN, Fortune 500 and other many more from which she surely earns a decent sum of money as a salary. Also, she has founded her own firm through which she earns a salary of $1 million annually. Besides her business and journalism career, Lisa further adds money to her net worth from endorsements.

Caption: Lisa Boothe with her dog, Bella

Moreover, Lisa often donates money to charities. With such a huge income and salary, she is living a lavish lifestyle with her family. Lisa owns two cute dogs of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed. Her dog’s name is Bella and Penny. The dog breed’s worth is from $1,800 to $3,500, depending on the cost of living in any particular area.

Why are Lisa’s Teeth so White?

Many people are wondering to know why Lisa Boothe has so white teeth. The Fox News contributor, Boothe has said on her a twitter post that:

I’ve used Crest white strips in the past but it’s been a while!

Lisa Boothe
Caption: News Anchor, Lisa Boothe showing off her white tooth (Photo: Instagram)