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NBC News’ Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell Net Worth & Salary in 2021; Are Reporters Kelly O’Donnell and Norah O’Donnell Related?

NBC News’ Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell Net Worth & Salary in 2021; Are Reporters Kelly O’Donnell and Norah O’Donnell Related?

American Journalist, Kelly O’Donnell rose to popularity after she became the political reporter for NCB News as a White House and  Capitol Hill correspondent. Currently, we can see Kelly on NBC Nightly News, Today, Meet The Press, and MSNBC.

What is Kelly O’Donnell Net Worth & Salary in 2021?

Kelly O’Donnell is one of the famous and talented Journalists of the United States. According to PayScale, the average salary of Journalists in the United States is $40 thousand. And Kelly earns more than that. NCB gives her an annual salary of more than $2oo thousand. As we have mentioned above, she appears as a reporter for NBC Nightly News, Today, Meets The Press, and MSNBC.

Kelly O'Donnell receiving award
Caption: Kelly O’Donnell receiving the award (Photo: Pinterest)

These News Channels also provide her some short money as her salary. So we are pretty sure Kelly earns a lot as a reporter. According to some sources, Kelly O’Donnell has a net worth of approximately $8 million. By her career as a Journalist, she lives a lavish and luxurious life. Kelly has everything she wants in her life. Moreover, O’Donnell is doing very well in her professional life and personal life as well.

The Net Worth of American Journalists comparing with Kelly O’Donnell

RankingJournalistsNet Worth
7.Tom Costello$1 Million – $5 Million
6.Chuck Todd$3 million
5.Kristen Welker$3million
4.Andrea Mitchell$5 million
3.Kelly O’Donnell$8 million
2.Norah O’Donnell$18 Million
1.Savannah Guthrie$30 Million

Are Kelly O’Donnell and Norah O’Donnell Related?

Well, talking about the relation between these two Journalists they both are not related at all. However, Kelly O’Donnell and Norah O’Donnell are not related biologically, they are related professionally. If we compare, Kelly’s and Norah’s professions, both of them are journalists and news reporters. Moreover, Norah used to work as a news reporter for NBC News. And now, Kelly works as the political reporter for NCB News.

Kelly posing for a photo
Caption: Kelly posing for a photo (Photo: Twitter)

Norah left NCB so that she could become the chief White House Journalist for CBS. There are a lot of people who think that Kelly O’Donnell and Norah O’Donnell are related to each other biologically or they are relatives. But it’s nothing like that they do not relate at all. Some people were confused due to their same last name, but it doesn’t matter at all. There are many more people with the same last name O’Donnell. So, Kelly O’Donnell and Norah O’Donnell are not relatives. If they are related to each other, they have not confessed anything about it till now.

Kelly O’Donnell’s Career

  • Kelly graduated from Northwest University. After completing her education, in the 90s she started to work as a reporter and news anchor for WJW TV, Cleveland, Ohio.
  • After, Kelly used to work with NBC reporter Martin Savidge, at that time WJW was just a CBS station. Till the show “The Chris Matthews” ran she use to be a member of the panel.
  • Kelly even worked as an anchor and host on the program such as the Weekend Today program and the weekend edition of Nightly News. At the time of George W. Bush, she has also worked as a White House journalist for NBC News.
  • Kelly receiving honor
    Caption: Kelly receiving honor (Photo: NCB News)
  • In late 2007, Capitol Hill approached Kelly as a Journalist for NBC News. Since that time, she is working as a political reporter for NBC.
  • Moreover, Kelly O’Donnell has received many awards such as Emmy Awards, Los Angeles Press Club awards, a New Hampshire Primary Award for Political Reporting, and a National Headliner Award.
  • From her career as a Journalist and a news reporter, Kelly O’Donnell has earned a lot of respect, award, fame, and whatnot.
  • She is the perfect example of success. There are many people including me who have been inspired by her career.