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Is American Comedian-Josh Blue Married or in a Relationship? Who is Josh Blue’s Wife/Girlfriend? Previous Marriage of Josh Blue with Quick Facts!

Is American Comedian-Josh Blue Married or in a Relationship? Who is Josh Blue’s Wife/Girlfriend? Previous Marriage of Josh Blue with Quick Facts!

American comedian, Josh Blue received the media spotlight after winning the title of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. His professional is like an open book, there is nothing hidden about his career with the public.

He does not talk much about his personal life, so today we’ll explore more about his wife, girlfriend, family, and other interesting facts below:

Is Josh Blue Married or in a Relationship?

Josh Blue is currently in a romantic relationship with Mercy Gold. The couple is yet to disclose their first meeting to the media. They made their relationship public in the year 2016 posting a picture on Josh’s official Instagram account. Since that day, they have been flaunting their love life through several social networking sites.

Josh Blue with his girlfriend, Mercy Gold
Caption: Josh Blue with his girlfriend, Mercy Gold (Photo: Instagram)

The couple is an amazing pair together and there is nothing known regarding their breakup or separation to date. Though they have been together for more than five years, they are yet to share the wedding vows. They might be planning their wedding soon but they have not shared any information with the media.

Who is Josh Blue’s Wife/Girlfriend?

As we have already mentioned above, Mercy Gold is Josh Blue’s girlfriend. It is still not sure when Mercy going to be his wife. Also, there is not much information regarding Mercy’s profession and all. They have built up a fantastic relationship in a short period and they have been a support system for one another.

Josh mentions Mercy as part of his family. Mercy also performs her role well as a girlfriend and life partner in his life. The coupe has taken on all of life’s challenges together and has become stronger than ever. Also, they have remained committed to making their relationship work.

Previous Marriage of Josh Blue

Josh has married once in his life. Hed was previously married to Yuko Kubota. The couple dated for a couple of years and they finally shared the wedding vows in 2008 at an intimate wedding ceremony. During some interviews, Josh explained that how he instantly fell in love with her. He said:

“The thing about Yuku is that she’s so deadpan. She cracks me up all the time, a lot, because she just sees the world so differently. It’s cool to get a different take on things sometimes.”

Josh Blue with his ex-wife, Yuko Kubota
Caption: Josh Blue with his ex-wife, Yuko Kubota (Photo: Stars Xray)

Everything was going well since they had some conflict in their marriage, so they parted ways through a divorce in the year 2014. Although the reason for their divorce is still unknown, he often mentioned his divorce on social media.

How many Children does Josh Blue have?

Josh is blessed with two children, a son, and a daughter from his previous marriage with Yuko. His firstborn was a son, Simon Blue who was born in the year 2008. In some interviews, he shared his feelings about being a father. He stated:

“I always wanted to be a dad. When I was a kid I always pictured myself as the cool dad in the neighborhood that all the kids would be like can your dad come out and play? Now that I am here I am not that dad because I am feeling old. I just enjoy being with my children.”

Josh Blue with his girlfriend, and his children
Caption: Josh Blue with his girlfriend, and his children (Photo: Instagram)

After two years, he again became a father to a daughter, Seika Blue in the year 2010. Although the children had to endure their parents’ divorce, the ex-couple has been prioritizing their children and they have been co-parenting them wonderfully.

Is Josh blue really disabled?

Yes, Josh is kind of a disabled person as he was born with spastic Cerebral Palsy as an infant. Most of his jokes center on living with his disability, how is it hard to deals with it, and how other people view him from their perspective.

Family of Josh Blue

Josh was born to Walter Blue (father) and Jacqui Blue (mother). His father was an English teacher while his mother was a homemaker. During his birth, his mother had to go through a C section with ether for anesthesia.

Josh Blue with his family
Caption: Josh Blue with his family (Photo: Instagram)

When Josh was born, he had a hard time breathing so he was shifted to Buffalo, New York for better care. He grew up with his brother and two sisters, Emily Blue and Jessica Blue in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Where did Josh Blue go to College?

Josh graduated from Como Park Senior High School, in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1997. After that, he attended Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.

Quick Facts of Josh Blue

  • Josh opened his eyes on 27th November 1978, in Cameroon, West Africa.
  • As of 2021, he is at the age of 43 years old while his horoscope is Sagittarius.
  • Every year, Josh celebrates his birthday on 27th November.
  • By nationality, Josh is an American while he belongs to mixed ethnical background.
  • Josh has an estimated net worth of around $1 million as of 2021.
  • Blue stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches tall while his body weight is 70kg.
  • Josh has black-colored hair while his eyes are hazel in color.