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How Australian Celebrities Relax Like Hollywood Stars

Australia’s very own denizens of their movie and television industry spend downtime a little differently compared to their Hollywood counterparts. The stars from the Land Down Under come down from the silver screen every once in a while to enjoy a few luxuries. But how do they compare to some of their counterparts over in Los Angeles? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular activities that Aussie actors do to enjoy their earnings from work.

Margot Robbie

Arguably one of the most famous actors hailing from the Land Down Under today, Margot Robbie has made an invaluable name for herself by appearing in high-profile productions in Hollywood. From her debut in The Wolf of Wall Street to headlining the box office smash hit Barbie, the 33 year old has proved that her performances will attract movie fans all across the globe. The future is bright for Robbie and it is expected that there will be more stellar performances in her Hollywood career.

If she isn’t filming anything, Robbie relaxes with her husband at various beaches around the world. Most people would find her in picturesque seascapes, like when she was spotted at Sifnos in Greece or enjoying the natural beauty of her country in Scarborough Beach in Perth.

There was also a time when she visited the beautiful beaches of the Philippines, where she basked in the seas of Bohol and gave back to the local community through a feeding program. It seems that her luxury is also indulged through acts of charity!

Russell Crowe

Another top name in Hollywood and Australia, the Wellington-born Russell Crowe has consistently showcased his talents and charisma whenever he appears in films. Audiences are always in for a treat whenever Crowe stars in a film, since he consistently performs at a high level.

He is highly regarded for playing roles in all kinds of genres, ranging from thrillers like L.A. Confidential and The Insider to blockbusters like Man of Steel and Thor: Love and Thunder. However, he is best known for his acting in historical epics such as Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. Crowe’s legacy is now ironclad in Hollywood since he earned his Academy Award for Best Actor in Gladiator.

The acclaimed actor also harbors a passion for casino games. As much as Aussies visit and enjoy at casual Australia’s top pokie games, Crowe’s interest is not just a casual hobby but a reflection of his love for strategy and challenge. Crowe, often seen in the high-stakes areas of casinos, is known for his skill at the poker table, where he combines keen observation with his trademark intensity.

This enthusiasm for casino games extends beyond the tables, as Crowe has been spotted attending major gaming events and tournaments around the world, mingling with fellow enthusiasts and professionals alike. His presence in the casino world adds a touch of Hollywood glamour to the thrilling atmosphere of high-stakes gambling.

Mel Gibson

A true legend in both Australian and Hollywood cinema, Mel Gibson’s illustrious career and its impact cannot be understated for what it had done to the industry. His intense and dramatic performance in George Miller’s Mad Max trilogy has helped shine the spotlight on the gravitas that Australian cinema is capable of. Meanwhile, his performances in the legendary movie Braveheart has earned him respect among his peers in the film industry. He has also directed films for Hollywood, most notably The Passion of the Christ and Hacksaw Ridge.

Gibson enjoys his luxury a bit differently and at a much grander scale at that. As one of Hollywood’s elites, Gibson has afforded to build luxury mansions in only the most beautiful places in the world. He had a gorgeous residence in Greenwich, Connecticut before, which sold for $10m, as well as a ranch in Montana. Other residences include one in his home country, a lavish farm in Tangambalanga, Victoria, and a rumored mansion on the foothills of the Santa Monica mountain range. 

While he has a fondness for farm ranches, mostly situated near cliffs, Gibson also isn’t one to shy away from tropical landscapes. One of his most beautiful properties is located in Mago Island, Fiji, which amounts to at least $15m! He also has a luxurious mansion in Costa Rica. Named Hacienda Dorada, the property provides a gorgeous view of the sea. It also costs a whopping $35m!

While there are a few differences in how Australian stars spend their money compared to their Hollywood peers, one thing is for sure: they do not compromise with their luxury! Like the rest of us, famous celebrities would like to see the entire world. It is a smart and fulfilling way to enjoy the money they earn.