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List of famous people having net worth $2 billion

Wife of Kirill Shamalov, Bio, Age, Net Worth 2022, Yacht, Sanctions, Height

Russian businessman Kirill Shamalov is famous as the ex-husband of Katerina Tikhonova who is the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin.  When was Kirill Shamalov born? Kirill Shamalov opened his eyes to this beautiful world on March 22, 1982. He…

How much is Toni Iuruc Net Worth 2023? Wiki, Age, Wife

Toni Iuruc came to the limelight as the husband of Romanian professional tennis player Simona Halep.  Where is Toni Iuruc from? Toni Lurucopened his eyes to this beautiful world in 1978. He was born in Macedonia, Romania. As of 2022,…