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Description and Brief Rules of Popular Online Casino Games

Description and Brief Rules of Popular Online Casino Games

Numerous online casinos, including RedDog Casino, give people all over the world the opportunity to play real cash gambling. On the sites of online casinos is a large selection of different gambling entertainment. The most popular are card and table games, slot machines, some types of lotteries. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular options.

Rating of the most popular games at online casinos

Based on the preferences of players, we have compiled a rating of the most popular games and online casinos. There is also a large selection of other games on online casino sites. Remember that for almost any game there are several varieties. The rules may vary from site to site. Therefore, before betting money, familiarise yourself with the rules of the chosen game on the site of a particular casino. This will allow you to avoid confusing situations when calculating your winnings.

Slot machines

In online casinos you can play slot games that imitate slot machines, which once gained huge popularity. The essence of the game is very simple. You need to throw a coin into the slot and press the button. The wheels of the drum begins to rotate and they fall out images. Winning depends on how many pictures on the drums will coincide in one row. Different types of slot games can be found at online casinos. They differ in the number of reels, rules for calculating winnings, theme design. The most popular are classic slots with three and five reels. You can also find games with seven and nine reels.


The most popular card game in the whole world. The aim of the game is to collect the most favourable combination of five cards. There are ten combinations in total. You need to memorise them. The rarest and strongest combination in poker is the Royal Flush. This is a sequence of cards of the same suit: ace, king, queen, jack and ten. During the game it can only be collected by one player. There are several dozen varieties of poker. The most popular are classic poker, Texas Hold’em and Omaha. They are available at almost any online casino. Also on many sites you can play seven card stud, Omaha high-low and other types of games.


The essence of the game is to guess which slot on the game wheel the ball will hit. The more accurate the bet, the bigger the winnings. There are different types of bets. For example, you can bet on the exact number, the colour of the playing field, one of several numbers. To make a bet, you need to place a chip in a certain place on the gaming table. There are two main types of roulette: European and American. In the European version on the wheel one sector “zero”, in the American – two. The design of the table for betting also differs. In addition, there are other types of game: mixed roulette, game with two balls, French roulette, etc.


The game is popular due to its very simple rules. To win, you need to score a number of points as close to 21 as possible, but not more than this value. The number of points is based on the face value of the card. Ace is equal to 11 points or 1 depending on the combination. The queen, jack, king – ten points each. For the game can be used from one to eight decks. There are several varieties of blackjack. Their rules may differ slightly, so you should familiarise yourself with them before you start playing.


Another simple but very interesting card game. It can be played by any number of participants. Two decks of 52 cards are used. Cards with pictures and tens give zero points. The rest – from 2 to 9 – are calculated at face value. The goal is to get the number of points as close to nine as possible. If the total is more than ten points, only the last digit is taken into account. For example, if a player got 18 points, he is counted as 8. In the game of baccarat, players rely mainly on luck alone. You don’t need to have any special skills and knowledge to play. Therefore, baccarat is very popular all over the world.


The dice game has rather complicated rules, but is very popular all over the world. Craps is present on almost any online casino site. Two dice are used for the game, which are thrown in one or two stages. The number of players is up to 12 or up to 24 depending on the size of the table. The dice are thrown in a strictly defined way. After they stop, they count the sum of the numbers rolled and calculate the winnings according to the bets made.


This is one of the varieties of lottery. The player receives a card with 80 numbers. Any 20 numbers should be marked on it. After that, the host calls 20 winning values. To determine the winning numbers, he takes balls with numbers out of the basket. The player marks the matching numbers on his card. The more numbers matched, the more winnings the contestant gets.


The game is very similar to keno. In this variant, the player receives a card in the form of a five by five square. The aim of the game is to be the first to cross off all the numbers that fall out on the drum. The bingo game is most popular in the UK

Pai Gow Poker

The game is very similar to Hold’em Poker. The difference is that the participants do not play against each other, but against the casino. All players are dealt seven cards each. After that, the combinations of all participants are compared to the dealer’s combination.

How to start playing for money

To begin with, you need you take a reliable online casino, such as RedDog. To do this, you need to pay attention to several important factors. Firstly, the casino should be licensed and regulated by the relevant authorities. Secondly, the casino should have a good reputation and many positive reviews from players. Thirdly, the casino should have a reliable security system and protection of players’ personal data.

Registration at an online casino

After choosing a reliable online casino, the player must register on the platform. To do this, one needs to fill out a small form with his personal details. After registration, the player can start playing at the online casino.

How to deposit

Topping up and withdrawing money at an online casino is one of the most important parts of the game. To top up your cash balance, you need to select a payment method, enter the required amount and confirm the operation. After this step, you can start playing for real money.