Crypto Futures Trading: Short Guide

If you are asking “What are futures in crypto?”, you probably have already learned a thing or two about
the world of digital assets. Crypto futures are considered to be a more complex tool that should be used
carefully. Let’s get into it!

What are the futures of cryptocurrency?

They are agreements between parties to purchase or sell a currency at a certain price and time. There are also perpetual features with no expiration date.
Futures work similarly to margin trading, although users borrow funds not from exchanges but from each other.
Traders can go long when they predict price growth or short when expected otherwise.


How to trade crypto futures? As was said before, this process is very similar to margin trading. Let’s take the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange as an example. WhiteBIT is a European exchange that has an AAA rate and is considered to be one of the safest crypto platforms according to cer. live rating. The exchange offers many tools, over 350 trading pairs, and even free Demo Tokens. To try out futures on WhiteBIT, you need to:

1. Sign up on the exchange.
2. Pass KYC verification.
3. Make sure you have funds on your balance.
4. Go to the Futures tab.
5. Place an order (choose carefully, long or short, which leverage, collateral, risk score, etc.)
6. Click “Buy”.

If you want to sell, switch to the Sell window

On WhiteBIT you can use up to 20x leverage for crypto futures trading. The fees are even lower than on the spot market and users can experiment with different trading strategies. The platform offers BTC futures, ETH, SOL, ADA, etc.
As you can see, crypto futures are more complex than spot trading. It requires a lot of skills and experience. So start slow and work your way up to the top!