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American Singer & Songwriter’s Sexuality in the End Gets Disclosed! Is Conan Gray Gay?

American Singer & Songwriter’s Sexuality in the End Gets Disclosed! Is Conan Gray Gay?

American singer, songwriter, and social media personality, Conal Gray rose to popularity after uploading vlogs, cover songs, and original songs on YouTube. Later, Conal released singles including ‘The King’, ‘Comfort Crowd’, ‘Those Days’, ‘Lovesick Boys’, and ‘Idle Town’.

Is Conan Gray Gay?

Like other teenagers, this star is also very active on Twitter. He has posted and talked frankly about his sexuality. In August 2018, Conan said he doesn’t recognize him as gay. He may be bisexual cause Conan mention one of his friends name Ashely as his boyfriend. But till now, they have not revealed their relation. On 3rd December 2019, he posted a picture where Matty Healy was kissing him on his social media account.

Conan Gray with Noah Cyrus
Caption: Conan Gray with Noah Cyrus (Photo: Instagram)

In his music videos, Conan prefers both boys and girls as a love partner. But he is yet to confirm his sexuality and doesn’t know how to mention his sexuality. Conan once tweeted a tweet saying,

“Y’all are so annoying all y’all ever wanna do is place a label on me just let me fuckin exist what the fuck.”

And again tweeted saying,

“If labels on sexuality and gender and beliefs and all that great stuff are helpful for u, I’m all for it. But the second you start trying to shove everyone else into a neat little easy to understand box, I get mad. Stop!”

Matty Healy kissing Conan Gray
Caption: Matty Healy kissing Conan Gray (Photo: Pinterest)

Almost all of his fans are curious to know his sexuality since someone questioned that is he gay. Maybe Conan Gray is not gay but maybe bisexual. People who ask about his sexuality irritates Conan. Till now, Canon has not been opened about him being gay or bisexual.

Although Gray does not agree that he is gay but sometimes he cracks bisexual jokes. Well, we do not think he will ever be coming with the truth. Conan is one of the people who doesn’t think that tag does matter. Moreover, he is one of them who feels you should love yourself and feel comfortable about who you are, what you are, and how you are.

Who is Conan Gray’s Sister?

God has blessed him with an older sister. But he is yet to reveal the identity of his sister. Conan is very close to his sister and often posts his and his sister’s photos on his Twitter account. Like other brothers, Gray is a bit possessive regarding his sister. They both have a great bond.

Conan with his sister
Caption: Conan with his sister (Photo: Twitter)

Also, these children of the Gray family are more like best friends than siblings. Conan regarded his older sister as his best friend and shares and everything with her. These siblings share the cutest bond ever. Moreover, the name of his sister has not been revealed.

Who are Conan Gray Parents?

On 5th December 1998, Conan Gray was born in San Diego, California. He was born to an Irish father and a Japanese mother. When he was just a baby, Conan moved with his family to Hiroshima, Japan so they could take care of his grandfather cause his grandfather became seriously ill and he needed care, at that time.

Conan with his mother
Caption: Conan with his mother (Photo: Pinterest)

Two years later when his grandfather was dead, they moved back to California. At the age of three, Gray’s parents got separated. He even mentioned in his video ’50 Things About Me’ when his parents divorced. Moreover, in his video ‘Reading Hate Comments’ Conan opened about the time when he used to be physically and verbally abused.

Who is Conan Gray’s Best Friend?

Canon Gray has a bunch of friends. We can often see him hanging out with his friends. But Canon till now has not talked about his best friend. Moreover, Canon feels like he and his sister can become best friends. And the only best friend of Canon Gray we know about is his older sister.