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Who is “I’m Not the Devil” ‘s Singer Married to? Who is Cody Jinks Wife?

Who is “I’m Not the Devil” ‘s Singer Married to? Who is Cody Jinks Wife?

Famous American singer and songwriter Cody Jinks released an album named “I’m Not the Devil” which became 4th No on the Billboard Country Albums chart. Again, in 2018 on the same chart, Cody’s next album named “Lifers” became 2nd.

Who is “I’m Not the Devil” ‘s Singer Married to?

This country singer has been married for almost fifteen years. Although he and his wife married to each other for more than fifteen years, Cody never revealed his spouse and his child’s names.

He has kept his family away from the media and fans. We got a hint about Cody’s marriage after there were some pictures of him and his family enjoying their life far away from the limelight.

Who is Cody Jinks Wife?

Cody Jinks often writes songs and sings them for his wife. But his wife does not like his songs at all, Jinks confessed this. But that’s not true they were false claims. And, that led to a huge matter of issue in his life. A post also became viral that Cody’s wife doesn’t like his music.

Cody singing in a concert
Caption: Cody singing in a concert (Photo: Patch)

Cody’s curiosity kept on increasing about the post. On 29th June 2019, Jinks posted on his Facebook account saying,

“Sarcasm doesn’t always translate, I understand that. However, no one has the right to post anything about my family.”

Cody with a girl
Caption: Cody with a girl (Photo: DuchessOfRockAndRole)

This particular statement shows the love that he has for his wife and the children who are born through her. Who doesn’t want such a loving and caring husband? Cody Jinks is a perfect example of a dream partner.

Does Cody Jinks have any Kids?

Well, talking about Cody Jinks’s kids, he has two kids. God blessed him and his wife with a lovely daughter and a son. Moreover, Cody is an amazing and caring daddy to his two kids. He loves his family unconditionally. Like all the daddies in the world, Cody also does some stupid and silly things to bring a little smile to his child’s face. He loves singing and writing songs for his two children as well. Cody is a good father to his kids and a loving husband to his wife.

Cody with a baby girl
Caption: Cody with a baby girl (Photo: Liverampup)

Cody is very secretive when it comes to his kids. He does not want his kids to come into the limelight because of his success. Cody wants his kids to totally get a normal life far away from the media. He feels his children should work hard and know what struggle is. Jinks wants his children to rose to popularity because of them rather than the world knowing his children by Cody’s popularity. Moreover, he has not revealed anything about his kids. Seems like Cody does not want others to know about his kid’s name, birth date, age, education, and so on. So there is no information regarding his children.

Who are Cody Jinks’s Parents?

Cody Jink is one of the celebrities who has not revealed their parent’s names till now. He has never ever mentioned any detail regarding his biological parents. There is not a piece of single information regarding his parents. But by some websites, it is known that he learned music on the guitar at the age of 16, which was gifted by his father. Besides this Cody has not mentioned anything.

What is Cody Jinks’s Real Name?

Cody Jinks’s parents named him Meredith Cody Jinks at the time of his birth. But now we know him as Cody Jinks. His first name Meredith means “Great Lord” and Cody is a boy’s name and it means “Helpful”.