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Who is Candy Stevens? Relation with Charles Manson; Her Personal Life

Who is Candy Stevens? Relation with Charles Manson; Her Personal Life

Facts of Candy Stevens

Full Name: Candy Stevens
Gender: Female
Country: United States
DivorceCharles Manson (m. 1959–1963)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlonde
KidsCharles Luther Manson
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Candy Stevens came into the limelight for having affairs with a monster like Charles Manson. Her ex-wife Charles is an American criminal and cult leader.

Early Life

Candy Stevens was born and raised somewhere in the United States of America. Having American nationality, Candy is of white ethnicity.

How Candy Stevens met Charles Manson?

Charles met Cand when he genuinely tried to legitimize his means of income after his release from Terminal Island on September 30th, 1958. Soon after he made appointments for salesmen to sell freezers and frozen foods. Then Charles made his girlfriend, Leona Rae Stevens (or Candy Stevens), the prostitute herself around Los Angeles.

Candy Stevens's dex-husband Charles
Caption: Candy Stevens’s dex-husband Charles (Photo: biography)

However, she didn’t hesitate to do so and had a growing infatuation with Manson that would last for years to come. Then she failed to make enough money as a prostitute to satisfy Manson’s proverbial thirst. Manson went back to an old, reliable pastime of his: opportunistic thievery but he was arrested.

Married after Manson from Jail

Candy claimed to be in love with Charles and pleaded with the court to release him. Her action led Charles to receive the 10-years suspended sentence from the jury. After Manson was released from jail, Candy exchanged the wedding vows with their husband Charles Manson. In the year 1959, the couple married and love was shunned.

Candy Stevens photo attached with her ex-husband Manson
Caption: Candy Stevens photo attached with her ex-husband Manson (Photo: All That’s Interesting)

She became the mother of a child. They welcomed their son named Charles Luther Manson from their married life. The information on their son is very little known. Luther has been living his life avoiding his genealogy. Finally, the couple divorced in the year 1963. After the divorce, she lived a low-profile life. Soon after, Charles was sent back to jail.

Her Ex-Husband First Wife & Son

Candy lover Charles previously married his first wife Rosalie Jean Willis. His first wife Willis was a teenage hospital waitress. In January 1955, Charle and Rosalie exchanged wedding vows in West Virginia. They moved to California after he got released from jail.

Candy Stevens's ex-husband Charles with his first wife Rosalie
Caption: Candy Stevens’s ex-husband Charles with his first wife Rosalie (Photo: All That’s Interesting)

From their married life, they welcomed their son named Charles Manson Jr. In the year 1958, they got divorced. He was in Corcoran State Prison in California since 1971. Also, the jail could not stop Manson from getting engaged with girls. He got involved with a girl called Afton ‘Star’ Burton while in prison once again on 17 November 2014.

Death of Charles Manson

Many people thoughts, he was a murder. But the actual cause of Charles Manson’s death is a natural cause. He remained sick for many years before his death in Jail. On 19 November 2017, Charles took their last breath at the hospital in Bakersfield, California.

Why Candy Stevens Arrested?

Thank to Candy’s husband Manson, she got arrested. Candy along with Manson’s other girls turned tricks while he ate psychedelic mushrooms with Yaqui Indians and played Russian roulette with an unloaded gun. They all three were charged with driving a stolen car across state lines, as well as committing prostitution.

She seemed unwilling to work her magic for Manson’s sake. Also, she testified against her husband as a “material witness” in order to get her own charges expunged. She officially stated that Manson was responsible for taking her out of state in April 1960.

Heartfelt Message to Judge

Candy and Manson send a “heartfelt” letter to Judge William Mathes. Then his recommendations from the psychiatrist and chief probation officer. They decided to give Manson one last chance at redemption, he suspended his 10-year sentence.

Candy Stevens's ex-husband Charles first wife and their son
Caption: Candy Stevens’s ex-husband Charles first wife and their son (Photo: All That’s Interesting)

After that, Manson gave five years of probation. He did have to admit to one count of “uttering and publishing” one of the Treasury checks “with intent to defraud” in order to have the other two counts dismissed — but at least he didn’t have to spend 10 years behind bars.

Net Worth of Candy Stevens Ex-Husband

Stevens was not a famous figure before she married American criminal and cult leader Charles. But she had recorded she worked in prostitution. So, from her work, she might have earned a decent worth. But it is hard to determine her actual net worth.

It is obvious, her earnings and net worth are under review. But her ex-husband Manson has a net worth of $400 thousand as of 2022 according to different reports. But Charges has earned more money than shown to the public. After the divorce, she lives a low-profile life. So it is very hard to determine what, she is currently doing.

FAQs of Candy Stevens

Who is Candy Stevens?

Candy Stevens came into the limelight for having affairs with an American criminal and cult leader Charles Manson.

Where was Candy Stevens born?

Candy Stevens was born and raised somewhere in the United States of America.