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Who is the Current Spouse of Betty White? Does “First Lady Of Television” Actress Have Children?

Who is the Current Spouse of Betty White? Does “First Lady Of Television” Actress Have Children?

American actress and comedian Betty White was born Betty Marion White Ludden. White has worked as an actress for more than 80 years and has won several awards for her work.

She is popular for featuring in shows and movies such as ‘The Mary Tyler Moore’, ‘The Golden Girls, and ‘Hot in Cleveland’. Moreover, her birth sign is Capricorn.

Who is the Current Spouse of Betty White?

Betty White is one of the most beautiful, and talented actresses. Who does not want to marry her? Unfortunately, she is not married now. Betty had three spouses. At first, she was married to Dick Barker for less than a year. Then Betty met Lane Allen and married him for almost two years.

Betty White with her late husband Allen Ludden
Caption: Betty White with her late husband Allen Ludden (Photo: Southern Living)

After her two marriages failed, she married again. Then Betty tied the knot with Allen Ludden as his second wife. The duo married each other for more than seventeen years. For now, she doesn’t have a spouse and is very happy with her life.

Does Betty White Have a Boyfriend?

Firstly, White married Dick Barker then Lane Allen. After she fell in love with Phil Cochran but they never married. Finally, she married the late Allen Ludden. And currently, Betty White is 98 years old and the widow of her late husband Allen Ludden. She is single and her words about her single life are,

“I’m the luckiest person in the world, My life is divided in absolute half: half animals, half show business. They’re the two things I love the most and I have to stay in show business to pay for my animal work!”

Betty White with Giraffe
Caption: Betty White with Giraffe (Photo:

By her words, we can clearly say that she loves her single life. White obsession is with animals and loves them unconditionally. She is very happy being single and has no regrets about her decision.  Moreover, Betty is busy with her show business and animals.

Relationship History of Betty White

Betty White has faced ups and downs in her romantic life. In the year 1945, she married her first husband Dick Barker. Barker was an aircraft Pilot in the United States Army Air Forces. Unfortunately, this marriage did not last long. And the couple divorced. Their marriage did not even last for a year. It seems they had several problems in their marriage. White married Barker in the year 2014 and divorced him in the same year. The reason behind their divorce is yet to know.

Betty White with her late husband Allen Ludden
Caption: Betty White with her late husband Allen Ludden (Photo: Harper’s Bazzar)

After their separation, she met Lane Allen and married him in the year 1947. By profession, Lane Allen is a Hollywood talent agent. But sadly, this marriage also did not last long.

Although she married Lane for more than a year and this marriage lasted longer than White’s first marriage. But this duo ended whatever they had between them. And got divorced in the year 1949, and the couple married each other for almost two years. After their divorce, she was single for more than nine years. White may be broken at that time due to her divorce from her second husband Lane.

 Betty White with her late husband Allen Ludden
Caption: Betty White with her late husband Allen Ludden (Photo: Liverampup)

In the year 1958, she met Phil Cochran and both fell in love with each other. Betty was in a romantic relationship with her former ex-boyfriend Phil Cochran for four years. White’s fans always wanted to see her and Phil’s marriage. But they never married each other and ended their four years old relationship. The duo dated each other from the year 1958 to the year 1962.

Just after one year of their nasty breakup, White tied the knot with Allen Ludden, a television host, and renowned television personality, on 14th June 1963. In the year 1961, the former couple met each other for the first time on a game show named ‘Password’. White entered the show as a celebrity guest and Allen Ludden was the host of the show. Allen fell madly in love with Betty and proposed to her three times.

At the first two times, White rejected his proposal. But Ludden did not give up and with lots of hope in his heart, he proposed to her for the third time. Finally, White accepted his proposal cause she was also in love with him watching him struggle to build up the confidence to propose to her.

 Betty White with her late husband Allen Ludden
Caption: Betty White with her late husband Allen Ludden (Photo: Pinterest)

The duo showed up in an episode of several shows including ‘The Odd Couple’ and ‘Match Game’. This couple was one of the popular celebrity couples of their time. They were in love that White even changed her legal name to Betty White Ludden. They were the happiest couple on the planet. But nothing lasts forever, Allen Ludden died on 9th June 1981 due to stomach cancer in Los Angeles. After his death, she did not remarry anyone. In an interview, she even said,

“Once you’ve had the best, who needs the rest?”

Seems like White is happy to become the widow of her late husband Allen Ludden. Currently, she is living a happy life with animals and her show business.

Is Betty White Still Active?

Betty White worked in the entertainment industry for more than eight decades. Everyone is inspired by her career. Netflix even released a documentary movie named ‘Betty White: First Lady of Television’.

So, Betty White is still alive and lives a healthy lifestyle. White played several roles in movies and shows including ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show and ‘The Golden Girls’.

How many Children Does Betty White have?

Betty White has an amazing and inspiring life. Although she gained a name, and fame. White does not have any children despite being married thrice. Betty never got a chance to become a mother.

American actress, Betty White
Caption: American actress, Betty White (Photo: Twitter)

But she has three stepchildren from the first marriage of Allen Ludden. Allen’s first wife Margaret McGloin Ludden died in 1961 due to cancer. God blessed her with a great career but failed to bless her with a child.