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Behind Closed Doors: What Does Pedro Pascal Do for Leisure and Entertainment?

Behind Closed Doors: What Does Pedro Pascal Do for Leisure and Entertainment?

Pedro Pascal is a renowned actor with over a decade of experience in the industry. However, his excellent performance on recent shows captured many’s attention and made him a fan favourite. His strong personality, interest in fashion, and affection for his fans have made him climb the ladders of Hollywood, becoming a star. Pedro Pascal has starred in several TV shows, with the most popular ones being:

  • The Last of Us;
  • The Mandalorian;
  • Narcos;
  • Game of Thrones;
  • Gladiator 2.

After struggling to make it to the mainstream entertainment industry, the increasingly popular actor is enjoying his fame and love from different sets of fans globally thanks to his stellar roles in blockbuster TV shows like The Mandalorian and The Last of Us.

However, fans always wonder what the actor does beyond the spotlight in his free time. Stepping away from the Hollywood limelight, Pascal indulges in various hobbies aligned with his interests. Known for his diverse pursuits, he actively engages in physical activities and other pleasures, finding relaxation and fulfillment in these moments.

Join us as we embark on an intriguing journey to uncover the private passions of Pedro Pascal, delving into the aspects of his personal life that make him the captivating and multi-dimensional individual he is.

Pascal’s Scoundrel Chats

Pedro Pascal is closely connected to his extended family, consisting of 34 cousins, through a chat group humorously named ‘Scoundrel’. Proud of his Chilean roots and fluent in Spanish, he shares that they exchange messages daily using his number.

Jose Pedro Balmaceda Pascal (his full name) notes that he feels free to express himself authentically, thanks to the supportive atmosphere created by his family. They take pride in him, although he humorously mentions his one qualm — the rapidity with which they freely share his phone number.

LGBTQ+ Support

During his leisure time, Pascal consistently expresses his love and support for the LGBTQ+ community. In 2021, his younger sister, Lux Pascal, courageously came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and Pascal didn’t hesitate to extend his unconditional support.

In a revealing interview with Esquire magazine, Pascal further illuminated the profound impact of his sister’s journey on his own life. He openly declared Lux to be the most influential person he had ever encountered, highlighting the strength of their bond. In a heartfelt revelation, he acknowledged that, in this unique relationship, he finds himself needing her just as much as she needs him, cementing the depth of their connection.

Beyond his personal life, Pascal has also graced the cinematic stage alongside Ethan Hawke in the film ‘Strange Way of Life,’ a collaborative effort directed by Pedro Almodovar. This marks yet another dimension of Pascal’s diverse career, where he continues to make impactful contributions both on and off the screen.

Pascal’s Intense Workout

Pedro Pascal’s love for callisthenics enhances mental and physical strength, which is crucial for his role as Joel in The Last of Us. Partnering with trainer David Higgins, Pascal’s athleticism and determination shone through in his stellar performance.

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3. Swimmers (60 seconds)Lie on your front and extend your legs and arms like Superman. Raise alternate arm and leg, switching sides. Pause if back discomfort arises.
4. Push-upsFrom hands and knees, extend legs behind, keeping core tight. Bend elbows to bring chest close to the ground; exhale, straighten arms to push back up.
5. Plank (60 seconds)After 30 seconds of rest, get into the forearm plank position. Keep back straight, and hold for 60 seconds.

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Hiking, Sports, and New Horizons

Those in circles with Pascal admit that he loves outdoor activities like hiking and adventures. Hiking, in particular, serves as a respite from drama, allowing him to immerse himself in nature while temporarily escaping the entertainment industry’s hustle. During these outdoor excursions, Pascal finds solace in meditation and explores the naturally beautiful landscapes.

On the other hand, as an adventure seeker, he loves some activities that increase his adrenaline. These include participating in sports and exploring new places. All these add to different ways of fulfilling his free time pursuits.

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Passion for Swimming

In a candid Reddit conversation with his fans back in 2014, Pedro Pascal revealed a fascinating chapter of his past – his journey as a competitive swimmer. His love for swimming dates back to his childhood, starting as early as the age of 11. Remarkably, even at such a young age, Pascal showcased his dedication and skill by competing in the Texas state championship, leaving an indelible mark in the competitive swimming scene.

However, as life’s currents shifted, so did Pascal’s interests. Subsequently, he transitioned from the swimming pool to drama classes, embarking on a new current that would eventually lead him to the captivating world of acting. Despite the change in direction, Pascal’s early experiences as a competitive swimmer undoubtedly contributed to the discipline, determination, and focus that have become hallmarks of his successful career in the entertainment industry.

Pascal’s Cultural Journey

Pascal’s cultural diversity, i.e., Chilean and Spanish, is evident in his love for different cultures. Sources close to him reveal that he loves to explore other aspects of various cultures, like travelling and visiting different cultural sites, culinary exploration, or attending cultural events.

By having a broad knowledge of different cultures, he can have a comprehensive perspective on the world and personal interests. Additionally, this cultural diversity earned leading roles in prominent TV shows. For instance, his role in Narcos, as Javier Pena, enabled him to bridge the gap between Latino and English-speaking audiences.

Love for Literature

In addition to his enthusiasm for outdoor activities like hiking, adventurous pursuits, and physically demanding triathlons such as gymnastics and swimming, Pedro Pascal reveals a profound affinity for literary pursuits. A connoisseur of storytelling and literature, Pascal deliberately selects roles in TV shows and movies that offer captivating narratives. His distinctiveness lies in his ability to bring fascinating stories to life on screen.

When not engaged in physical activities, Pascal dedicates a significant portion of his leisure time to the immersive world of novels. With a penchant for diverse genres, he delves into the realms of literature, finding solace and inspiration in the art of storytelling.

Diverse Dimensions of Pedro Pascal

Although caught up in a busy career amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Pedro Pascal can find joy and relax by exploring personal interests and off-duty activities. This spans from physical activities such as swimming and callisthenics, support to the LGBTQ + community, outdoor adventure like hiking, catching up with cousins via Scoundrel, and reading books, among other things, even up to the culture of different countries.

Such kinds of hobbies show this man can fit into various dimensions of life and have a balanced approach towards life. Fans may wonder now what else Pedro Pascal can do while not on the screen.