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Check out the List of Celebrities with Coronavirus (COVID-19)-Positive Test

Coronavirus a.k.a (COVID-19) is a group of RNA viruses which let people experience such symptoms; cough, fever, tiredness, breathing hardness. The world is now facing problems of Coronavirus. Just like other people in the world, celebrities are also suffered from…

Most Expensive Mobile Phones in 2018

Have you heard about World’s top 10 Most Expensive mobile phones? If No here on this page you may have had a look at some most expensive mobile phones of 2018 along with price as well as basic details. In present years, Mobile handsets have unfolded and developed from basic cellular phones into smartphones and androids.

10 Most Expensive Big Motor Bikes in the World

We often do hear, money can’t buy happiness but it does work because Harley parts are quite expensive. Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship, one of the most expensive big bikes is now enlisted in the 6th position. This motorbike claims to have been sold at $3.5 million. It is now up for sale at $12 million.

The World’s top 10 Cars in 2018

Extravagance cars are not simply characterized by their cosseting ride, broad levels of innovation and refinement, yet the level of distinction they bring. However, which one has the most class to top our best 10 lists.

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Population in the World

The population of Japan is most dense along the coasts. Japan has a total population of about 126,168,156. Believe it or not, the population of this country now is less than that of in 2010.
 Considering, after 2010 birth rate was surprisingly low.

The top 10 Most Powerful Country in the World 2018

Each country has different extraordinary qualities with all defense arsenal. Here is the list of top 10 most powerful country in the world 2018. The positioning is based on a leader, economic growth, politically influential, strong international alliances as well as strong military alliances.

Top 10 Smallest Country in the World

There are about 195 known countries in the world. All countries have their own & unique features. Different countries are famous for different matters. Among them, here we have presented top 10 smallest countries of the world according to their ranks.